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Three Triangle Companies Showing What Real Traction is All About

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a solid shout out about some of the companies I am lucky to interact with as a peer mentor. The past two weeks has yielded really good outcomes for some of my colleagues so here’s that long overdue BOOM!

First the team at Allstacks. Hersh and Jeremy just completed the Techstars Austin program this past week and are returning to NC ready to turn on the sales execution machine. I’ve been a ardent fan of these guys and they have shown that they are resilient, smart growth focused entrepreneurs. They have a product, initial customers and the respect of one of the best accelerator programs in the country. Welcome back and looking forward to good things ahead from you both.

Next up is Optic. Aidan has been through the ringer and come out the other side. His first startup taught him lessons in humility, control and growth. While it didn’t end well for him personally he took those lessons learned and re-emerged a battle scarred entrepreneur and a eyes wide open adult. His next company promises to be amazing and while he will most certainly make some new mistakes I am confident he wont repeat the old ones. Watch for more great execution from Aidan as he forges ahead.

Finally the Vital Flo team. Luke, James and Ravi have worked hard to move this business forward over the past year. They been hitting milestones with the most recent milestone being winning a NCIDEA grant. When I met Luke two years ago He was a scientist looking for a job. I wouldn’t have bet on him embracing the entrepreneurial challenge on a long term basis but he has proven me completely wrong. Luke has proven himself a apt learner and a execution oriented leader. Looking for more and more good things from this company.

As I look at this group of people, tackling real problems and persevering despite the challenges, I can only wonder how well the region would do if we contributed more resources into helping these companies grow and compete on the global stage. I wont muse about that tonight but I will end this by saying I’d welcome any one of these people as members of the Black Order anytime anywhere.